Dallas,Tx Drain Cleaning & Sewer Services

Drains clog for a number of reasons. Often times the issue is caused by a root that has breached a portion of your drain pipe. The root will obstruct your drain and entangle waste as it flows through. Eventually your drains will slow and perhaps even back up.

Dallas clay is another possible explanation. Our soil shifts like none other. Shifting soil costs homeowners millions of dollars a year due to everything from foundation damage to broken drain pipes. Dallas clay is prone to expand and contract due to extreme periods of dry and wet weather. This puts stress on the seams of your drain pipes and eventually results in a leak.

Other times a clog is caused by grease, hair, and various other forms of household waste. Each clog requires a specific fix, but how are we to know? First, we’ve repaired a number of clogged drains. Second, we have an ace in the hole.

Video Camera Inspection

A difficult situation calls for a tricky solution. Fortunately, Reeves Family Plumbing knows just what to do when you have a clogged drain. We can look directly into your drain lines with our state-of-the-art video inspection equipment. We get a “worm’s eye view” of your drain pipes. Video camera inspection allows our plumbers to diagnose the source of the clog and take the right course of action.

Clogs can happen at any moment. Reeves Family plumbing is your answer for drain cleaning and sewer cleaning.

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