Reeves Family Plumbing Company in Dallas is your first choice for all of your faucet repair and faucet installation needs. There are many types of faucets out there and we service them. We stock everything from kitchen faucets to laundry faucets. No matter your need, Reeves Family Plumbing is here to help.

Faucet Types

  • Kitchen Faucet
  • Bathroom Faucet
  • Tub Faucet
  • Shower Faucet
  • Outdoor Faucet
  • Laundry Faucet

We install and repair all of the major brands, from Kohler to Moen and more. Rest assured our Dallas plumbing company can match any decorative taste. Reeves Family Plumbing has you covered, whether you’re looking for timeless elegance or a sleek modern look. Just tell our plumber what you would like installed and consider it done.

Kitchen Faucets: Kitchen faucets receive a lot of wear and tear. They’re frequently swiveled from basin to basin and handle every task from washing dishes to bathing infants. You need a dependable kitchen faucet that you can rely on for many years to come. That is why we stock only the best kitchen faucets.

Bathroom Faucets: Your bathroom sink faucet is the heart of your lavatory, not a trifling detail. Your bathroom faucet must be reliable and complement the decor. That’s a huge responsibility for a seemingly small detail. However, your lavatory faucet can make the difference between blah and awe.

Tub Faucets: Your tub faucet is yet another trooper among household plumbing fixtures. Our plumbers can match you with a tub faucet that’s as versatile as it is durable. We install and repair every tub faucet variety including:

  • Single-Handled
  • Dual Handled
  • Roman
  • Compression
  • Washerless
  • Freestanding

Shower Faucets: Shower faucets come in a variety of fits and finishes. There is literally something for everyone. Whether you appreciate the classic look of a freestanding faucet or a traditional single handle, our Dallas plumbing company can more than meet your expectations. Shower faucet varieties include:

  • Single Handle
  • Double Handle – Single Faucet
  • Double Handle – Double Faucet
  • Combined Faucet – Showerhead

Laundry Faucets: Laundry faucets have come a long way since manual shut-off valves. Today there are automatic shut-off valves. The automatic shut-off valve comes equipped with floor leak sensor that will turn off the water flow, should a leak register.

Outdoor Faucets: Most outdoor faucets are little more than a frost-free sillcock made for sprinklers and garden hoses. However, those days have changed. With the increasing interesting backyard entertainment, hospitality has considerably increased. There are many outdoor faucets geared toward any taste and purpose. Your choices are almost unlimited.


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