Our Dallas based plumbing company began in 1960. Just a few years prior, the first consumer grade garbage disposal hit the market. You could say Reeves Family Plumbing and garbage disposals grew up together. And now over 50% of American kitchen sinks come equipped with a garbage disposal.

We’ve installed and repaired garbage disposals for over 50 years. What has kept Reeves Family Plumbing running for so long? It’s dedication to the customer and superior craftsmanship. Our plumbers know the ins and the outs of every disposal on the market today.

Garbage Disposal Installation

Reeves Family Plumbing carries a wide range of garbage disposals. We have a garbage disposal suitable for every need. Whether it’s the average garbage disposal or a heavy duty garbage disposer, our plumbers will fit your kitchen sink with the best possible solution.

Garbage Disposal Repair

Any appliance that works as hard as your garbage disposal will need some maintenance. Our Dallas plumbing company has over a half a century of experience in garbage disposal repair. Whether your garbage disposal is clogged, jammed, or inoperable; Reeves Family Plumbing in Dallas has you covered.

Call Reeves Family Plumbing in Dallas for all of your garbage disposal concerns. Or you can schedule service online with one of our highly skilled plumbers. 214-989-4906