Leak Detection Specialists Dallas, TX

Sometimes a leak is impossible to locate without the help of a plumber. That’s why Reeves Family Plumbing Company in Dallas provides leak detection services. Our plumbers call upon a combination of professional experience and the latest technology in order to pinpoint the source of your water leak. Rest assured that Reeves plumbers are some of the best leak detectors in the DFW area.

We’ve made a list of warning signs for gas and water leaks so you will know when to call us.

Water Leak

  • High water bills
  • Low water pressure
  • Excessive moisture on the floor or walls
  • Unusual erosion in your yard or near your foundation

Gas Leak

  • Rotten egg smell

This is by no means an exhaustive listing. If you have or think you have a water leak or gas leak, call Reeves Family Plumbing. Your DFW plumbers are here to repair your gas leak or water leak any time of the day or night.

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