Gas Leak Repair in Dallas TX

Emergency Repair for Gas Leaks in DFW

A gas leak is very dangerous. Aside from the risk of fire and explosion, there is also the chance of asphyxiation. You must evacuate everyone from the structure at the first notice of a gas leak. Then call Reeves Family Plumbing Company in Dallas for emergency gas leak repair.

Signs of a Gas Leak

  • Odor: Natural gas has a very distinct sulfurous, rotten egg, odor. This is usually the first warning sign you will notice. However, you should not rely upon this indicator alone. The sulfur odor is added to natural gas so that you can readily detect a gas leak. Though odor fade may occur and the gas can return to its naturally odorless state.
  • Sound: You may notice a hissing noise near gas fueled utilities.
  • Damaged Connection: A gas leak of varying size can occur when a connection is damaged. A gas leak is still very dangerous, regardless of the size.
  • Dead Vegetation: When a gas leak occurs outdoors, you may notice dead or dying vegetation in that area. It is important to avoid the area, and follow standard safety precautions. In the case of a large gas leak, you may notice dirt flying into the air.

Call Reeves Family Plumbing in Dallas should you notice any of these warning signs for immediate gas leak repair.