Water Heater Installation in Dallas TX

Our Dallas plumbing company has seen our fair share of water heaters over the past 50 years. Over that period of time our plumbers have become a trusted source for water heater installation. When you choose Reeves Family Plumbing, you choose a plumbing company that has built their reputation on decades of satisfied customers.

We only install high quality water heaters with our expert plumbing know how. Our plumbers commitment to quality and craftsmanship makes the difference. Part of craftsmanship is knowing which water heater to install. Water heaters vary in size, fuel source, and efficiency. Plus there are other job specific factors to consider. Rest assured our plumber can size up the situation and provide you with the perfect water heater.

Water Heaters by Fuel Source

  • Gas Water Heater
  • Propane Water Heater

Water Heater Capacities

Water heater capacities range from 20 gallons to 120 gallons. Most residential water heater installations range from 40 gallons to 80 gallons.

Water Heater Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency varies by brand/model and fuel source. Naturally you want the most hot water for the least amount of money. Fortunately Reeves Family Plumbing specializes in Green Plumbing. Our plumbers understand environmentally friendly plumbing practices. We will match you with a high efficiency water heater to suit your budget.

You can also learn more about our line of high efficiency tankless water heaters.

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