All About Backflow Testing and Backflow Prevention

Clean water is a vital part of society and human life in general. If drinking water is contaminated, it can lead to all kinds of different illnesses and diseases. While homes connected to city water are not generally at risk, there are some instances when they can be. 

Backflow is the reversal in the flow of water caused by an emergency. It can force dirty, contaminated water into the plumbing, which can put all homeowners at risk. In this article, plumbing experts share information about backflow and what homeowners can do to protect their homes. 

Backflow: What Is It?

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When backflow occurs, it can single-handedly put an entire small town at risk for diseases in a matter of minutes. Someone could go to drink their water or to take a shower and not notice any discoloration in the water. 

Backflow is when unwanted water and waste begins to flow in the reverse direction. This causes many homes to become subjects for contaminated water, and it is usually something that takes a fair amount of time to fix properly. That is why backflow testing is so crucial to society. 

Backflow can happen when the water main for the house is damaged, there’s excess flood water in an area, or there’s a plumbing issue at the city level. Because most of the plumbing system is out of sight, it can be a challenge for homeowners to ensure their house is always protected. 

Tips for Backflow Prevention

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Backflow prevention is necessary to prevent this from happening, especially if it’s already happened once before. There are certain things homeowners can do to help prevent backflow. Generally, the best prevention tool is to have a prevention device installed in the home. 

Some other tips include:

  • Water hose connections should have backflow protectors on them
  • Appliances should have an air gap when they’re plumbed
  • All filters need frequent changing

On top of this, certain tools help prevent backflow: 

  • A Double-Check Valve Assembly: Two valves are placed in different spots along the plumbing system to prevent back pressure
  • Pressure Vacuum Breaker: Helps to keep non-potable water from contaminating the water supply
  • Reduced Pressure Zone Device: Can only be installed outside in locations that always stay above freezing

Here Is Why Backflow Testing Is Needed

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Backflow testing is crucial. Even when homeowners don’t notice signs of contamination, it is important to have backflow testing done periodically to ensure prevention devices are in good working order. Because backflow is an unexpected emergency, homeowners shouldn’t wait until their water is contaminated to realize their device wasn’t in good working order.

Instead, they should contact a local plumber and have their system checked annually, ensuring peace of mind and a safe home. 

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