Plumbing Costume Ideas

Halloween is one of the most fun holidays of the year. It’s also the only day where people can dress up and be whoever they want to be, without having to actually change their lives in any way! Out of all the available costume options, trick or treaters often end up choosing something career based (like a doctor or a firefighter).

But, for an interesting spin, it’s sometimes more exciting to choose something a little more unique. Here are 5 of the best plumber costumes around, in no particular order!

Thinking Outside of the (Porcelain) Box

When looking for a fun and unusual take on a plumber costume, why not go straight to the source? Since plumbers provide toilet services, many people are choosing to dress their children up as the actual toilet itself instead of the service technician. It’s a fun way to flush the usual costumes and put a creative and humorous spin on Halloween. And, as an additional benefit, children can stash their candy in the toilet bowl while out trick or treating!


It’s-a Mario!

Possibly one of the most recognizable plumbers in the world, Nintendo’s Mario is the essential plumber costume. There wouldn’t even be a list without him! Not only this costume a cool way to represent the plumbers of the world, but it is also pop-culturally relevant and shows that plumbers really do save the day.

mario the plumber

Santa… Plumber?

This one is a little out there, but it is almost guaranteed to be a stand out Halloween hit! Santa Plumber is the best costume for those who just can’t wait until after Halloween is over to start playing Christmas music. Bust out that Santa Suit from storage and add a tool belt to combine two of the most popular holidays in the United States. Decorative plumbing wrenches and plungers are optional.

santa plumber

Plumbing For Babies!

Plumber costumes aren’t just for adults! Dressing up babies is not so easy, but you too can get them into the Halloween spirit by dressing them up as the cutest baby plumber of all… Mario! This is an especially easy costume for parents of small babies, as it can be easily customized for those needing to be worn or carried (as seen above). It makes for an excellent first costume as well!

baby plumber

Plumbing… Not Just for Humans!

Don’t leave furry friends out of the costuming fun! Dogs in costumes are always hilariously adorable, especially when they are dressed up in a plumber costume. It’s a fun reminder that, even when the toilet is “pugged,” Halloween can still be fun for every member of the family. Even though they lack the opposable thumbs to plunge a toilet, Fido doesn’t have to stay at home while the kids are out trick or treating this year.

plumbing dog

There are so many ways to include a plumber costume in your Halloween fun! From Mario to Santa Plumber, to canine plumbers, everyone in the family can represent this age-old and important profession while out on the town. Happy Halloween!

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