Kitchen Plumbing Repair & Installation Services For Dallas Homeowners

Are you having trouble with your garbage disposal? Frustrated by the constantly clogged kitchen sink? Don’t let these problems slow you down! Call Reeves Family Plumbing at (972) 247-3763 for fast repairs to kitchen plumbing leaks and clogs. Save instantly on an upcoming project – access your latest plumbing coupons now!

Our team provides full-service kitchen plumbing repairs and kitchen plumbing installation services in Dallas, TX. From garbage disposals to sinks and faucets, we take care of your kitchen plumbing the right way, so you’re free to continue being productive without any interruptions!

This includes checking for leaks in your kitchen faucet, garbage disposal, and shutoff valves underneath the sink. Our plumbing technicians are equipped to determine where the leak is coming from and what is causing it. We are fully trained to repair the issue and get your kitchen plumbing back to working order.

At Reeves Family Plumbing we are committed to delivering the best solutions at the best value. Read the latest reviews from customers who agree!

When Do You Need Professional Garbage Disposal Repair Services?

Is your garbage disposal currently giving you problems? You will need professional help if your garbage disposal is not draining or if it is making a humming noise when in use.

Resolving Your Garbage Disposal Problems

Our licensed and trained technicians quickly solve any drainage problem you may be experiencing as a result of a garbage disposal clog. We also perform garbage disposal repair and replacement for broken units so your kitchen sink can return to normal in no time. Call our office today at (972) 247-3763 for prices over the phone.

Quick Tips

  • If your garbage disposal doesn’t make any noise when you try and turn it on, press the reset button underneath the unit to reset it.
  • The garbage disposal is one of the most used appliances in any kitchen – and also the most misused. Many homeowners mistakenly think it’s okay to put any food product in the garbage disposal. Do not do that! This results in jammed disposals or worse, clogged drains. Avoid putting these items down the garbage disposal: egg shells, banana peels, fibrous fruits/vegetables, potato skins, and pasta.

Drain Cleaning Services For Your Kitchen Plumbing Lines

Our trained technicians are able to effectively resolve slow or clogged drains from kitchen sinks and misused garbage disposals.

If you notice water draining slowly in your kitchen sink, you probably have a partially blocked drain pipe. Over time, build-up from grease, food waste or foreign objects will cause the drain to slow and eventually stop up completely. Growth of roots from nearby trees into the sewer line also cause backups in your kitchen sink.

Look out for these signs of a clogged drain:

  • Slow drain
  • Completely blocked drain
  • Gurgling noise
  • Bubbling in sink

Simple Clogged Drain Solutions

The safest and most efficient way of resolving a clog is to have a reliable plumbing contractor use an auger or plumbing snake. You may be inclined to use those store-bought chemicals to clear out the blockage, but these are harsh on your pipes and may lead even more damage depending on the type of pipes in your home.

No-Hassle Kitchen Faucet Repair Services

The kitchen is the heart of your home. We spend countless hours washing our hands and dishes in the kitchen sink. When the faucet leaks, you need a professional to quickly diagnose the issue. Our trained plumbing professionals have been repairing kitchen faucets for over 55 years.

We also install new kitchen faucets in cases when they prove unrepairable. Whether you decide to put your personal touch into picking and providing your own faucet, or you are fine with having us supply it, you can bet on a professionally installed kitchen faucet! Call our office today at (972) 247-3763 and we will be happy to answer any questions you have about kitchen faucet repair or replacement.

Get FAST kitchen plumbing repair and installation services in Dallas, TX. Call today at (972) 247-3763 to request an appointment with Reeves Family Plumbing!