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Nothing is more stressful for a homeowner in Dallas, TX than finding out they have a slab leak. These types of leaks are dangerous and inconvenient. At Reeves Family Plumbing, we specialize in slab leak repair designed to quickly locate the problem and provide an effective and permanent solution.

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Why Are Slab Leaks Dangerous?

Slab leaks refer to a leak that occurs underneath the concrete slab that supports the foundation of your home. Unlike other types of water leaks, slab leaks are specifically dangerous because they can eventually impact the structural integrity of your house. As water leaks away from the slab, it will take sediment, sand and dirt with it. If too much of this sediment is washed away, the foundation could be compromised and require significant repairs to fix.

This is why timely slab leak service is necessary. If the issue is caught soon enough, you can easily prevent these major issues caused by slab leaks. Call the experts at Reeves Family Plumbing today to quickly address any slab leak issues before they get worse?

Slab Leak Signs

If you experience any number of these signs, it could point to a potential Dallas slab leak:

  • Hearing water rushing in your walls or floor.
  • Cold spots on your wall or floors.
  • Mold growing on your floor or walls.
  • Higher than normal water bills.
  • Standing water around your home’s foundation.

If you notice any of these issues in your home, call Reeves Family Plumbing right away for fast and effective DFW slab leak repair.

Causes of Slab Leaks and How to Prevent Them

Slab leaks are caused by many different things. Some of the primary causes include:

  • Improper construction: Improperly installed or poor-quality pipes are perhaps the most common cause of slab leaks. In most cases, a slab leak from improper construction may require new pipes, rather than a slab leak repair.
  • Water pressure: If your water pressure is too high, your pipes get a shock every time you turn on your water. Over time, this can cause premature wear on the pipes eventually leading to slab leaks. One typical signs of water pressure that is too high is a loud clunking sound when you turn the tap on or off. Fortunately, you can adjust the water pressure and prevent further damage.
  • Poor water quality and chemistry: Water that is either too acidic or too alkaline can corrode pipes and eventually cause leaks. With an inexpensive test kit, you can find out the pH levels and have a professional slab leak repair contractor install a machine that will adjust your water’s pH.
  • Abrasion: When pipes rub against concrete, gravel or other nearby pipes, the resulting friction can cause them to gradually wear down and eventually spring leaks. Hot water pipes are especially vulnerable because they expand when heated up and rub against the surrounding surfaces.
  • Chemicals: Slab leaks may also be caused by declogging agents that are detrimental to your pipes. You need to carefully consider what the chemicals you put into your pipes.

Finding a Reliable Plumber Just Got Easier!

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