Reliable Water Leak Detection Services in Dallas

Stop water leaks before they cause extensive damage in your home. Call (972) 247-3763 to speak with the experts at Reeves Family Plumbing if you suspect a water leak. We will quickly detect the problem and provide an effective solution right away. Enjoy instant savings on your next call with our current coupons and special promotions. 

Whether it’s a small water leak repair or an emergency burst pipe repair, the experts at Reeves Family Plumbing can take care of all your plumbing leak detection and repair services. We are the local plumbing contractor your neighbors call for water leak detection services. We use a combination of innovative leak detection methods and experience to quickly locate and repair water leaks throughout your Dallas, TX home.

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What Causes Burst Pipes?

Burst pipes are one of the worst types of leaks to occur inside your home. Within seconds, you could experience extensive water damage that should have been easily preventable. In Dallas, the most common causes for burst water pipes repair services include:

Corroded Pipes: Using a chemical drain cleaner in your drains will eat away at the pipes and damage it. Eventually, these weak spots won’t be able to handle it anymore and the pipe will rupture.

Clogs: Clogged pipes and toilets cause pressure to build up inside the pipe. If the clog is not dealt with quickly, the pressure will cause the pipe to rupture and burst, requiring immediate plumbing leak repair.

In either case, the experts at Reeves Family Plumbing can help you repair or replace your pipes to restore them to working order and get your back to normal as soon as possible!

Water Leak Detection Services We Offer

We use several effective methods for Dallas water leak detection. The most common methods include:

Meter Testing: This water leak detection service requires the technician to measure the water pressure in your pipe and compare it to a healthy pipe to see if there is a leak.

Infrared Cameras: Using a specialized infrared camera, we take numerous photos of the pipes from different angles to determine if a water leak repair service is required.

Dig and Drill: This method is ideal in circumstances where we already know the general location of the water leak repair. Dallas homeowners allow us to dig and drill into their floors or walls to expose the leak right away.

Big or small, Reeves Family Plumbing can tackle any issue that is affecting your pipes.

Experience the Benefits of Working with Reeves Family Plumbing

Our comprehensive service, leak detection and other water leak services are complemented by the following unique features and customer benefits:

Repeat Customers are Valued: Our number one source of business is with repeat customers because our service is dependable and consistent.

A+ Rating with the BBB: We are proud of our distinctions and awards from community organizations and third-party reviewers.

We Always Call Ahead of Time: Customers never wonder where we are or when we’ll arrive because we always call when we’re on the way.

Available 24/7: In case of a burst pipe emergency or another urgent plumbing issue, our technicians are on call 24/7.

If you suspect a water leak in your home, don’t wait for it to get worse. Call (972) 247-3763 for fast, reliable water leak detection and repair services in Dallas, TX. Our technicians work quickly and efficiently to reduce the damage.