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Avoid the Stink, Clean Your Sink

Have you been avoiding your kitchen sink lately? Are you finding more reasons not to do the dishes after dinner? Think back, when was your last drain cleaning?

If you are steering clear of your sink because of the smell coming from it, then maybe it’s time to deal with the problem.

Stinky sinks and drains are not normal, and will not go away on their own. Read on to discover why your sink is giving off a foul odor and how to stop it now.

Your Sink Can Be Contaminated

“contaminatedsink”Smelly drains aren’t always restricted to one sink. Sometimes the odor can move from room to room, occupying every drain the house, which can bring about a significant disturbance to you and your family members.

Having regular drain cleaning done to your pipes is the best way to avoid that disruption. Leftover food particles, as well as other inorganic substances, can get lodged inside your drain pipe.

Once they begin to decompose, they emit a harsh smell that wafts up into your sink. You can also expect this in your bathroom showers and tubs as well. Hair and bathing products can get stuck in the drain and cause clogs with bad odors attached to them.

There May Be Sulfur On Your Pipes

“sulfur”Sulfur is commonly found in drinking water and can produce a powerful rotten egg smell in your drains.

This issue is one that homeowners who are on well water service face more often than those on city water.

However, sulfur can cause a stench that will make you want to avoid drinking your water. There are many types of drain cleaning products out there, but most will cause damage to your pipes.

As a way to prevent rust and corrosion, the most logical option would be to call a plumber to have your drains cleaned properly, avoiding any damage to your plumbing.

What Should You Do Now?

“whattodo”If you live within the Dallas, TX border, it may be time to contact your local plumber.

Not all problems can be solved on their own, help is occasionally needed.

And why not receive that assistance from a trained professional who understands the intricate design of your pipes. Furthermore, plumbers will be able to spot any future issues that may be close to arising, such as rust or leaks.

Having your pipes examined, accompanied by a regular drain cleaning, will have a massive impact on your plumbing performance.

Now you can stop holding your breath every time you wash the dishes or your face. Keep your drains clear and your pipes clean. This maintenance will bring about much joy and peace of mind to you, the homeowner, and the rest of the household.

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