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Enjoy Peace of Mind on Your Next Project with a Plumbing Permit

Are you thinking about doing some home renovations? It is an exciting time, right at the beginning of a project, but you should take the time to conduct your due diligence to make sure that you’ve covered all of your bases to ensure your project’s success.

You need to set a budget and hire your contractor; you need to estimate costs, set up a timeline and plan for a contingency fund. If necessary, you need to have plans drawn up. Make sure that, in this flurry of activity, you remember to include acquiring plumbing permits from the permit office in Dallas, TX.

It may seem like a hassle, but doing work by the book will give you a number of benefits, including peace of mind. Here is what you should know about plumbing permits.

The Cost of Plumbing Permits

“howmuchcost”In Dallas, plumbing permits are generally based on the estimated value of your project. They are calculated on a percentage of a sliding scale upwards, based on that value.

Even if you are trying to keep costs low with your project, this is one worth investing in.

Paying for the permit now is less expensive than paying fines later on down the road, having to re-do the job or cleaning up damage from subpar unpermitted work.

When do I Need a Permit?

“whenpermit”Basically, if you are doing a small job (like putting in a toilet, fixing a leak, painting, redecorating, installing cabinets without plumbing, upgrading plumbing fixtures) you don’t need a permit.

For more major jobs that involve adding to or altering the structure of your home or changing the footprint, you will need a permit.

If you are putting on an addition, moving or adding walls, putting in a pool, digging in a foundation, changing plumbing/heating/cooling system, repiping, doing anything with the municipal sewer line or putting in an irrigation system, you would need a permit.

What are the Common Benefits of a Plumbing Permit?

“permitprotection”We’ve already mentioned peace of mind. That’s because work that adheres to a permit is of higher standard.

The quality of workmanship and materials are regulated. That also means that there is accountability. It can also protect your family from potential danger. Unpermitted work could raise the risk of fire or flood damage.

Not only would you be risking your lives, you are risking your home and your belongings too. Consult with your Dallas plumbers to get the most up to date information before you begin your project.

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