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Why You Should Love Your Plumber on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and romance is in the air. You may already be planning a special dinner or a romantic getaway. Or maybe you’ve decided that this Valentine’s Day marks the moment you want to take your relationship to the next level and ask that special someone to move in with you.

While you’re making all those romantic plans, don’t forget that inviting another person to live in your home will increase the demands you put on your indoor plumbing. With another person, everything doubles! You’ll have twice the dishes and flatware.

And where are you going to put a second couch! Likewise, another person will double the strain on your indoor plumbing. Keep reading for tips on keeping your plumbing in tip-top shape with more people in your home.

Make Sure Your Bathroom Plumbing Gets Some Love

bathroomplumbingYour bathroom plumbing works hard every day all year long to keep water flowing and drains draining. But having more people in your home means that the chance of getting a clog increases with the number of people.

Everyone needs to use the toilet. And if a professional plumber hasn’t inspected your sewer drain in a long time, adding another person to your home makes a clogged toilet more likely, too.

And there’s nothing romantic about that! With regular inspections by a professional plumber, your pipe system will keep working for you, no matter how many people you have in your home.

How to Prevent Shower Clogs

showerclogWhen you take a shower, hair, oil, and dried skin wash off your body and go down the drain. Over time, all this material builds up on the sides of pipes slowing water flow, sometimes stopping water flow completely.

Blocked drains put more stress on pipes, and that can cause ruptures and leaks, leading to thousands of dollars in damage. When more people start using the shower, the chances of developing a shower clog increase.

You have a number of options to choose from when you get a clog, from getting out the plunger to snaking the pipe. Prevention, however, is the best medicine! If you get a professional to inspect and clean your pipes regularly, you’ll never have to experience a nasty clog!

Get a Professional Plumber to Save Your Pipes

proplumberMaybe you’re thinking that having another person in your home isn’t worth the hassle of having all these potential plumbing problems! However, even with just you in the house, you still run the risk of getting backed up sinks, clogged toilets, and hidden leaks.

That’s why everyone benefits from getting your pipes inspected annually by a professional plumber. When you call in a pro, they will notice buildup in your pipes and recommend the best method to clear the obstruction. They will test your pipes to discover hidden leaks, and they can suggest small repairs to avoid expensive problems in the future.

Make a professional plumber a trusted partner caring for the health of your indoor plumbing! All joking aside, Reeves Family Plumbing wishes you the happiest Valentine’s Day, no matter what you choose to do for the holiday! And be sure to tell the one you love all the plumbing tips you’ve learned!

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