Drain Cleaners and Garbage Disposal Damage

Many people resort to quick, cheap and convenient solutions to their drain problems. However, this does not always mean the best quality product or outcome. In fact, most of the time, the cheaper more convenient option is the option to steer clear from. When it comes to your garbage disposal and liquid drain cleaners, it is best to look the other way.

It may appear that the liquid cleaner is getting the job done and unclogging and cleaning your garbage disposal, but it’s actually doing more damage than good. This is why you should be paying attention to what you can put down the garbage disposal

The chemicals in the liquid drain cleaner end up corroding the plastic and even the metal pieces within the garbage disposal unit. In the end, the cleaner does more damage than it does good. Keep reading to learn more about the damage liquid drain cleaners cause to your garbage disposal, and more a more efficient answer to drain problems.

Don’t Cause Yourself More Pipe Damage

pipe damageNot all garbage disposal issues happen because of clogs. That said if your garbage disposal is draining slowly then it most likely is because of a clog. That doesn’t mean a drain cleaner is the best option though. If your garbage disposal is draining slowly and you suspect it could be because of a clog, there are a few steps to take to properly rid your drain from any clogging.

Usually, the issue calls for the removal of the drain trap and discharge pipe. In order to ensure proper servicing of this issue, it is always best to call a local plumber to get the job done. The issue could easily turn into something bigger than you anticipated, and it is best to have a professional there when it does.

If your garbage disposal isn’t turning on or is leaking then this is another reason to call a plumber because this is not likely caused by a clogged drain. Never resort to a drain cleaner because you will end up doing more damage to your pipes in the end.

Liquid Drain Cleaners Lead to Unwanted Garbage Disposal Heat

It may come as a surprise, but when a liquid drain cleaner comes in contact with water, the temperature of the cleaner significantly rises. The chemicals within the cleaner react with the water causing this temperature increase. This is the main reason why dumping drain cleaner down your garbage disposal isn’t a good idea. The lye and aluminum in the drain cleaner react when exposed to water and cause the temperature to rise to nearly boiling.

garbage disposal heat

Believe it or not, this is how drain cleaners are designed to work. However, this temperature increase can cause cracks within your pipes and joints and eventually cause PVC pipes to break. Not to mention the drain cleaner may not even get the drain cleared all the way, calling for more fluid to be poured down the drain.

Work With a Plumber Instead

call a plumberIt may not be the most convenient option in today’s market, but ultimately, calling a plumber to handle any drain issue is always going to be your best bet. Plumbers are trained to handle your pipes with the greatest care and will get the job done right. You will be without drain clogs for a lot longer too.

This is because a plumber can get to the root of a garbage disposal problem and resolve it 100%, while a drain cleaner is really only performing a guessing game with harsh chemicals. Choose the safer, least expensive route in the long run and call a plumber the moment an issue arises.

Reeves Family Plumbing Handles Garbage Disposals with Care

As a plumbing company based out of Dallas, Texas, Reeves Family Plumbing knows what to do when garbage disposal problems decide to pay a visit. They have been a family-owned and operated company since 1960, and will handle your pipe clogs and drain cleaning with the care they would use in their own home.