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The Future of Plumbing as Seen by Your Local Plumbing Pros

It seems like every other day there is an announcement about a new technological advance that will change society as it currently exists. Technology is advancing so quickly now that most people don’t even think twice about it. There has been a lot of talk recently about how artificial intelligence is going to start becoming more prevalent and ultimately replace many human jobs.

However, how likely is that to happen with plumbing? As it stands now, automated plumbing replacing real live human plumbing tradesmen is still an unlikely prospect.

Can Automated Plumbing Fix Slab Leaks?

slab leaksSlab leaks occur when a pipe running under the home’s concrete foundation breaks and starts to leak water into the ground and the foundation.

The end result is often extensive as costly, as slab leaks don’t often occur in an obvious fashion and instead have days, weeks, or even months to do damage.

This is an area where automated plumbing will not be able to make an impact, as the foundations in all pre-existing homes will not support the addition of any new technology.

In addition, the best way to find and fix a slab leak is by having a live human plumber come out to the home to evaluate it – looking for moisture, hissing sounds, floor warmth, lowered water pressure, and a spinning water meter. Automated plumbing can’t do any of that.

Bathroom Plumbing Upgrades May Be Automated

bathroom plumbing

However, one area that automated plumbing can be beneficial in the home is in the bathroom. Many of the bathroom plumbing staples can be improved by using new, smarter technology to help save water and energy.

For instance, smart showers. Newer smart shower systems include a few upgrades on the standard shower. Homeowners can program their shower to monitor and set a preferred flow rate, water temperature, and even shower duration.

This helps to help save water, protect children and elderly people in the home from scalding injury, and even speeds up the process of getting ready in the morning. One other unexpected automated plumbing upgrade is the smart toilet. These toilets are already popular in countries like Japan, and can be programmed to heat up the seat, lower water usage, provide a nightlight, and increase bathroom hygiene by being “touch-free.”

Replacing the more standard, water hogging plumbing in the bathroom with automated plumbing systems will only improve the quality of life of the homeowner, while also saving money and the environment.

The Impact of Automation on Tradesmen

tradesmenWhile automated plumbing can have a positive effect on the water consumption and energy usage of the home, it will never be able to replace the simple hand-eye coordination of a human plumbing technician.

Even if many of the areas of the home are replaced by more automated plumbing systems, they will still need people to be able to install, repair, and replace them.

There will always be a need for the actual human part of plumbing, despite all of the advances that have been made in some of the technologies used in the home. It is unlikely that automated plumbing will have any impact on tradesmen in the short term, and it may only increase the need for them in the long term.

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