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Dangers of DIY Water Leak Repair

The growth rate of Pinterest and YouTube is truly astounding, and much of this is due to the growing popularity of the DIY era. Why buy a painting, bookshelf, or any other product from a store when someone can make it with their own two hands?

There’s definitely a sense of pride when it comes to building something from scratch. But many people also love DIY projects because they are a more cost-effective solution in most cases. However, one exception is home repair.

DIY home repair can risk the safety and comfort of those living in the home and can end up being more costly if it’s not done right. The best way to fix things around the home, including water leaks, is to skip the DIY fantasy and hire a trained professional instead.

Using Plumbing Sealants and Repair Tape

plumbing tapeFor those that love to use things until they break, duct tape is always the solution. Part of a tail light falling off? Use duct tape. Book falling apart at the seams? Use duct tape. While duct tape isn’t the best way to fix a leaking pipe, there is another member of the tape family that can be used instead.

Repair tape, a type of plumbing sealant, is a strong adhesive that’s used to fix leaking pipes. It can be used to hold two pipes together or to hold a pipe to a fixture to stop the leak in its tracks. When applying plumbing tape, make sure to wrap it nice and tight around the pipe or fixture in a clockwise direction.

This will allow the tape to be the most effective. Remember, always pay attention to the manufacturer’s directions for how much tape to use. If too much is used in one spot, the tape loses its effectiveness and can cause other plumbing problems.

The Risks of DIY Plumbing

When a person does anything with no prior knowledge, there is a high level of risk. New drivers are always ones to watch out for on the road because they don’t have the knowledge and experience in driving to really feel comfortable and safe doing it. The same is true for plumbing repair. When a homeowner tries to take on this work themselves, it poses major risks to that person’s health and to the home.

diy risks

Forget to turn the water off before starting the repair, and the house could flood. Try to be too firm with the pipes, and they could end up cracking or bursting. Don’t use the proper safety precautions, and the DIY-er could end up cutting themselves or dropping something on themselves resulting in more serious injuries. When it comes to plumbing repair, it’s best to leave it to the professionals.

Professional Water Leak Services

pro servicesFor all types of home repair, plumbing or otherwise, a homeowner’s biggest priority should be getting the job done right with minimal damage. Professional water leak services are the best way to ensure that this happens for plumbing repairs.

They come with the right tools to identify the precise location of the water leak, so minimal damage is done to the house when exposing and repairing the pipe. Their years of experience and training help them to avoid the common mistakes that lead to injuries, and they always come with safety gear in hand.

When homeowners try to fix plumbing leaks themselves, they can easily miss the bigger picture. Professionals can diagnose the whole plumbing system to determine if repiping or other services need to take place as well.

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